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What is Circanomics?

the Old Linear Economy

We currently live in the mess we're in because of the linear economy. It's the old idea of "new is better" and "take-make-waste" business models. This economic style has led to environmental decay, unhapppiness, inequality and overall disatisfaction with life. Working long hours to spend little time with your Loved ones or enjoying your passions is archaic. We are meant to live our best lives and through circular economics we can get there!

  • The Benefits of Circanomics
  • Sustainable
  • Supports Environmental Renewal
  • Start Sustaining Today
  • Free Access for All
  • Support the Elimination of Waste
  • Build Stronger Communities

the New Circular Economy

Worry not, there is a solution to the problems we have created in the form of the "remanufacture-reuse-reduce-repurpose-recycle" business model known as Circular Economics. Circanomics is working to usher in the new economic system that will lead to an improved environment, happier relationships, deeper connections with others and a path towards natural capital for future generations.

How Circanomics Works

Circanomics use the power of the Internet and Blockchain to enable an online community working to expand their Sustainability Footprint. Circa Chat is our social media network, Circa Directory is our business and project directory and the Circanomics Token is our blockchain solution to help fund sustainability projects transparently and without fees. By becoming a Sustainer Member of Circanomics you can begin to help the World move into a more sustainable future for All.

What is Circa Chat?

What is Circa Directory?

What is the Circa Token?

What is a Sustainability Footprint?

Who can become a Sustainer Member?

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